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Empowering your mental health

Taking care of your mental health is at the core of a thriving, balanced life.
That’s why we offer programs that empower you to develop the skills you need to build resilience, overcome stress and anxiety, and navigate challenges from everyday life that may be available to you depending on your employee assistance program status or health plan coverage.*

Self Care

Access the latest self care techniques, coping tools, meditations, and more through Self Care from AbleTo — anytime, anywhere, at no cost to you. We find out how you’re feeling, get to know you, and suggest tools designed by our clinicians that may work best for you.

1-on-1 Professional Support

You may have access to 1:1 professional support from a compassionate AbleTo therapist, coach, or both over an 8-week program tailored to your needs and goals. You’ll meet 1:1 with your support team and discover tools designed to help you process emotions and rebuild thought patterns and behaviors so you can feel your best.

*AbleTo costs may vary based on your health plan coverage.